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Vintage Jewelry, Elegant, Fun and Perfect for Gift Giving

Welcome to my Vintage Shop! it’s a new year and with it I’ve adopted a new look. I love to update my look from time to time and hope you like it too.

Change - in some ways I love it, in other ways I hate it, but change is the natural order of things. Styles change throughout the years and I’ve often looked back and laughed at what I thought was chic when I was 21, and 31 and onward. 

I have been acquiring and saving jewelry over many years, and I still do, but what I now buy as Vintage is what I used to buy brand new when I was young.The big change in what I bought 40 years ago compared to what’s available today is that much of today’s jewelry does not have the same quality as jewelry made many years ago; stones often easily fall out, metals wear quickly, and one can find rough spots and edges in even some “quality” pieces.

In my Etsy shops, I am offering Vintage Jewelry and memorabilia from my own and my husband’s collections as well as jewelry I’ve sought out for its beauty, unusual design and good quality, at an affordable price. See my collection of vintage jewelry here for women and men, along with vintage men and women’s accessories and cosmetic items.

The collectibles I offer are from our family collections going back 100 years as well as items we’ve acquired at auctions and estate sales. There is a wide variety of items in our collectibles shop, for both men and women along with a smaller collection of vintage jewelry. 

See our collectibles at www.wesavedit.etsy.com.We have sales and coupons on a regular basis so visit our shops’ home pages to see our specials. We’re also open to offers, so feel free to make one! 

Thanks for visiting and may your dreams for 2018 come true.

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